Dongguan ZhongPhoenix Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

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About Us

About Us


10 Years Experience


3 Departments to Service


Served to 100+ Customers

Dongguan Zhongphoenix Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is the professional adhesive and other materials supplier. We have the ability to  provide various solutions to the consumer electronic market, Smart card manufactory and New green energy market, etc. We have the ability and capacity to provide various die-cut parts to customers. We own 5 rotary cutting machines and 6 flat cutting machines to provide competitive price and service. We set up three departments to service customers, including Taps and die cut department, Sealing O-ring department, Adhesives department. We can provide customize solutions for various requirement and quick response and high quality products.

Our Advantage

  • Customize Developmen

    Customize Developmen

    We can provide various customize development solutions.

  • High Quality

    High Quality

    We have the professional team to provide High Quality products solutions to you.

  • Good Service

    Good Service

    Quick response and fast delivery, is our service principle.

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